April 2nd

The Finnish group We had breakfast at the hotel at 4 o’clock in the morning. Some Finnish girls had difficulties to wake up so early so they hardly had any time for having breakfast. The shuttle bus picked us up at 5 o’clock and we were at the airport in good time. At the passport […]

April 1st

This morning it was time to say goodbye to our Icelandic friends. After many, many  tears and warm hugs the Finns and Norwegians headed for Keflavik. Hjördís had planned the bus route so that we could see as many fantastic sights as possible on the way. Iceland had shown us its all sites during the […]

March 31st

Today we started the day at the school, and the students spent the first hours finishing the posters and presentations. Some of them were a bit tired after playing football until midnight, but they all got the work done. Before lunch we visited the Vatnajökull visitor centre in Höfn. That was a very interesting experience. […]

March 30th

After the first night in Höfn we finally gathered together in FAS. We made a guided tour around the school and Hjördis told us about studying at FAS.  The view from the school windows was amazing! The school offers possibility for distance learning e.g. for university students if they don’t want to move to Reykjavik […]

March 29th

Today we woke up at Katla Hotel to a landscape covered in snow. The students continued the work with collecting information on the local sustainable tourism. We were divided into three groups, each going to different locations. First group went to Lindarfiskur, a local charr farm, located in the middle of the huge lava field. […]

March 28th

After the breakfast we left the hostel B47 in Reykjavik and headed for the town Hvolsvöllur, which is a western entrance to Katla Geopark. We visited Lava Centre where we were told about the history of Iceland and the volcanism of the area. We also watched an impressive video of the volcanoes and visited the […]

March 27th

The Norwegian group came late in the evening on Saturday so we were pleased that Sunday started with late breakfast at the Hostel. Today everybody got to meet each other at last! At 11.00 we went on a sightseeing around Reykjavik and visited several known buildings, Hallgrimskirkja and the concert hall Harpa were some of […]

March 26th

The Finns took a bus from Vaala to Oulu at 2.45 on Saturday morning. It was surprising that there were so many young European people at the airport that early in the morning. Many young sportsmen and sportswomen that had taken part in the The European Youth Olympic Festival in Vuokatti in Finland were heading […]