19th of April

We woke up after a good night’s rest at Nallikari, we got breakfast from the bistro in Nallikari then we gathered our things for departure and got into the bus to head over to the presentation on how the hydro powerplants deal with having to release fishes into the rivers.

After the lovely presentation on breeding and relishing fishes we got back into the bus to head over to the hydro powerplant Pyhäkoski. We split into two groups and got a little behind the scenes on how hydro powerplants work in general, while the other group took a short walk around a “village”. After about 30 minutes the groups switched.

The next stop was Halpa-Halli to get some lunch to fuel up for a presentation at the school Utajärvi on industrial areas and energy supply systems.

After our program for the day was done we had to drive back to Vaala which we did and on the bus we sat in our groups and began discussing ideas and thought about Eco-villages.

Written by Almar, Aron and Sævar

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