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How global warming affects water quality

There are many possible effects of global warming on water quality. As the global temperature rises, so does the average water temperature and higher water temperature makes it possible for more organisms to live in the water, which might cause more bacteria in the water. This could also affect species that are only able to live in cold water. It is possible that eutrophication will occur in larger bodies of water. This opens up for growth and immigration of foreign species, and the current ecosystems might start to diminish.

Water level and flow

The level of the water bodies in Rokua has elevated and the amount of water increases by rainfalls. Especially heavy rainfalls. River flow changes and it affects the water level. The flow in groundwater will be altered since the amount of water seeping into the soil will be lower in high temperatures. This will result in more dramatic changes in water level between seasons and between areas in the world.

Ecological and social impacts

Farming might become more difficult since the water they previously used needs more cleansing and therefore becomes more expensive. When the amount of groundwater changes, it will affect the fields which may lead to their destruction because of severe droughts or too much water. Bottled water will become more expensive, which will make drastic changes in countries that rely on this source of water as drinking water. Countries that have a high usage of groundwater as drinking water will face problems regarding the quantity and supply of water.

How to alter and adapt to the changes

There are some things we can do to alter and adapt to the changes. To do that, we can reduce water waste, reuse, and recycle, keep the waters clean by minimizing oil disasters for example and use more renewable energy sources, like solar, wind, and hydro energy. To alter the changes, we have to change our ways and methods regarding water and usage of other natural resources.

Written by:
Anna Lára Grétarsdóttir
Emilia Fjelldal
Iida Kurtti
Jonas Dahle
Luna Laine
Selma Ýr Ívarsdóttir

Luna, Climate Change And Water Bodies​