Group 3

This text is based on field trips in Finland 28th and 29th of September

Water level

  • The water level in Lake Jaakonjärvi is the highest of all five waters, with 136,5 msl. That’s because Lake Jaakonjärvi is located on a higher place of water bodies.
  • The lowest water level of the three lakes is Lake Levä-Soppinen with 129,0 msl. The lower the lake is, the higher the pH is.
  • For example Lake Jaakonjärvi has lower pH because it’s more higher than Lake Levä-Soppinen

Water flow

  • When the inflow doesn’t provide enough oxygenated water, the oxygen losses in the lakes in the lake can increase and case, among other things, fish deaths.

Water quality

  • The water has a higher temperature in some water bodies, and the water is more sour some places. That is bad for the climate. It is more sour because of the enormous carbondoyczyde emissions fabrics and vehicle produce. It is bad for the climate because a lot of species have to have cold water to live, and when the water gets hot, they die.
  • Climate change is making heavy intense downpours, droughts and rising water temperatures more common. This can alter the quality of our drinking and recreational water. Bacteria and viruses thrive in these new conditions and when they encounter humans, it causes numerous illnesses.
  • Currently, the ecological quality status of most of Finland’s inland waters is either good or high. However, the quality of over 40% of total river length and 60% of the coastal water areas included in the plans is moderate, poor or bad. The water quality of Finland’s lakes is generally better.

Social impacts  

  • In Finland, springwater/ groundwater is one of the biggest sources of drinking-water. That limits the amount of water to refill groundwater.
  • For example, groundwater supplies drinking water for 51% of the total U.S. population and 99% of the rural population. Groundwater helps grow our food. 64% of groundwater is used for irrigation to grow crops. Groundwater is a source of recharge for lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

Written by
August Wennevik

Juho Virkkunen
Nora Helmersen Engen

Petra Lämsä
Steinar Logi Hafsteinsson
Stígur Aðalsteinsson