16th of April

Dear people!

Today the Icelandic group woke up at 03:30 to get ready for breakfast that was at 04:00. After the breakfast we went to the airport at 05:00. Our flight to Helsinki was at 07:30 and we arrived at Helsinki Airport around 11:00 or 14:00 in Finnish time. Then 15:20 we boarded on the plane to Oulu.

We landed around 17: in Oulo and then we needed to wait for the Norwegian group. They were expected around 21:30. We went with taxis to Oulunbaari Maikkula restaurant where we got a buffet which was very good. After the meal we went back to the airport. 

The Norwegian group met 12:30 at the local airport in Brønnøysund there everybody seemed to be excited about the trip. The flights to Trondheim and further to Oslo went okey, even though the time was tight. There was hardly any time to eat or visit the bathroom.

We had to do a new check in of both luggage and us in Oslo. This was the most crucial part of the whole journey. It went quite well, and we arrived to Helsinki in time. The last flight was delayed, so we had a very quick dinner at Burger King together. We then met with our geologist, Bergljot. At the airport in Oulo, we met with the Icelandic group which have been waiting for us in 5 hours.

The last bit of the travel to Vaala with the bus went okey, and we arrived to Vaala about 00:30 in the night. Here we met with Riitta and the Finnish pupils. It was cold and clear weather.

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