21st of April

Today was the last day in Vaala. We met at school at 08:45 and went by bus to the Metsälamminkangas Wind Power Plant and got to know how it is working.

After the visit to the power plant, we went back to school and we finished our eco villages. Each group made one Power Point slide with the most important information about their villages and the groups presented them to the other students. After each presentation other groups applauded and Mikko used decibel meter to measure which group got the highest score. Group 1 got the biggest applause and had headwrap from Rokua Geopark.

After the presentations we had some free time but before dinner all of the students met at school, and we walked together to Finlandiano Pizzeria and had our farewell dinner there.

Now we are all at school waiting for the bus to Oulu. The bus is supposed to leave at 3 am. Ahead is a very long travel day.

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