An exhibition in Höfn connected to Vega

Time goes on and now it’s the last semester of our collaborative project Geoheritage. This semester we work with global goal number 7, which deals with affordable and clean energy. The last visit in the project will be to Vaala in Finland in April and all participants are looking forward to meeting again. Students in […]

8th of October

We spent the night on the boat Nordlys that runs the regular traffic line Hurtigrutten. The weather wasn’t the best possible and five meters high waves made the boat swing a lot in the open sea. It was impossible to get any sleep at first, but luckily we soon went on our journey along the […]

7th of October

Today was our last day at school. The Finnish and Icelandic students needed to say goodbye to their host families. We met at school at 9 and worked on our posters until lunch. After lunch the students presented their posters and also a picture which they took during the stay in Norway and explain why […]

6th of October

Before lunch we went on our group work on the different themes of the week. We made a draft on the posters that we are going to finish and present on Friday.  After lunch we had an excursion to the nearby shore which was not so far away from the school, but only a ten […]

5th of October

After a delightful first night with the host families, we met early at Brønnøysund videregående skole, got some breakfast and went over the assignments of the day. We started with a visit to Norsk Havbrukssenter and got to know about fish farming and harvesting. It was very interesting to see the process and we got […]

4th of October

We all woke up relaxed and happy in the morning after a normal long night for a change. The little huts offered us a new and great experience on the island of Vega.  After breakfast at Base Camp Vega we were told about the program of the day.  Our task was to collect and sort […]

3rd of October

Even though we went very late to bed we had to wake up early. The stay in Hotel Thon was very nice and also the breakfast. We needed to be at school at 9:00. We met the principal and also the people who are taking care of us this week. At 9:45 we left school […]

2nd of October

Our Nordplus Junior-week will officially begin on Monday, but today both the Finnish and Icelandic students travelled from their home countries to Norway. The Finns left at 6 o’clock by bus from Vaala to Oulu airport. The Icelandic had travelled by bus to Keflavik already on Saturday and stayed the night at the hotel. The […]