4th of October

We all woke up relaxed and happy in the morning after a normal long night for a change. The little huts offered us a new and great experience on the island of Vega.  After breakfast at Base Camp Vega we were told about the program of the day.  Our task was to collect and sort out trash from the beach. The organization In the Same Boat informed us on the security on the boat and on the rocky beach as well as gave instructions on the beach cleaning.

We were divided into three groups whose task was to collect trash from different places. The groups were taken by two boats to the island of Søla. The weather was windy and rainy in the morning, but it got better during the day.

Two groups went quite far from the harbor in a quite challenging, rocky terrain and the other groups stayed closer to it. The groups found a lot of trash; plastic, glas and metal. All the trashes were collected to plastic bags. Trashes were then weighed and collected to certain places, where they could be taken away by beach cleaning boats.

When it was time to return back to Base Camp Vega, the engine of the bigger boat didn’t work. We all had to be taken away by a smaller boat which took a much longer time. Luckily all the groups arrived in time for dinner.

After dinner we were taken by bus and ferry to Brönnöysund where the host families were waiting for their guests.


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