3rd of October

Even though we went very late to bed we had to wake up early. The stay in Hotel Thon was very nice and also the breakfast. We needed to be at school at 9:00. We met the principal and also the people who are taking care of us this week.

At 9:45 we left school to the harbor. We needed to take the ferry to the island Vega where we are going to stay today and tomorrow. It was a nice experience for most of us to see this common way to travel in this part of Norway.

When we arrived to Vega we went to Vega World Heritage Center. Some of the Norwegian students live on Vega and this week, where they have guests they have to go to school by boat. And that is a new experience for the guests. We got a brief overview of the combination of nature and the people living here during the centuries. They have been collecting eiderdown on most of the small islands here.
After the lunch break we got a presentation about marine ecosystem and the importance of taking care of the nature.

In the afternoon we went to Vega Base Camp where we are going to sleep. It is a very beautiful surrounding with a great view to the Søla island, where we are going tomorrow. We are going to sleep in a very small huts, they are basically just for the beds. Before dinner was a social activity and the students ran a lot. We got a traditional meal, a lamb stew with vegetables.

In the evening we gave our presentations about our countries and learned a lot about our countries.


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