An exhibition in Höfn connected to Vega

Time goes on and now it’s the last semester of our collaborative project Geoheritage. This semester we work with global goal number 7, which deals with affordable and clean energy. The last visit in the project will be to Vaala in Finland in April and all participants are looking forward to meeting again.

Students in FAS started the semester by visiting the art museum in town. There is a co-Nordic exhibition about coexistence people and eider bird and utilization of eider down. This exhibition is in collaboration with Icelandic, Danish and Norwegian artists. The group got a tour and an introduction on the exhibition.  When we visited Norway last semester, we went to the island Vega where there is a long tradition of using down. When the exhibition leaves Höfn, it will next be staged on the island of Vega. It was therefore ideal to start the semester by viewing this exhibition and reminiscing about fun times in Norway.

Now, however, work begins to prepare the trip to Finland and in the next weeks we will learn a lot related to global goal 7 and the importance that as many people as possible know about all the global goals adjust their lifestyle to the goals.

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