September 30th

We leapt in to the day, with pain in our brain.
School began, with backpacks in hand.
We made a presentation about the land,
better know as Finland.
With groundwater in mind and hell in sight.

Then we went to meet The Man, The Myth, The Legend Pekka Rossi.
He was very smart, I was told Was it for his doctor degree, or was it because he was bold? (Of course that was joke!)
Then on teams we met our Norwegian buddy’s.
We worked on “Lake Levä-Soppinen” the name of the lake is very weird.

Then we ate some fish
On our dish.
We listen to presentations from the rest.
They were all good, some would say best.

We left from the school,
To do something cool,
Some jam splaughter,
And the room erupted into laughter.

After school
We got pizza which was cool.
Then some of us went shopping.
The prices were shocking.

We headed back to school.
The boys looked like fools.
We played a game.
It wasn’t lame.
The clouds covered the sun.
But today was still fun.

Written by Anna Lára, Sævar Rafn and Zarko

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