October 1st

We woke up very early because we had to leave Vaala at 6 am. We said goodbye to our host families and friends.

We drove to Oulu and flew to Helsinki. We almost missed the flight in Helsinki because we had to little time in between the flights. It was stressful but as we say in Iceland, þetta reddast.

We landed in Oslo and had an hour to eat and look around in the airport. Then we had a two hour flight to Iceland. After we landed we took COVID tests in the airport.

On our way to Selfoss we saw lava from the volcano. We had KFC in Selfoss. It was finger licking good. We got back on the bus and headed home to Höfn and were there at 22:00 Icelandic time. It was a very fun trip and we can’t wait to have our friends in Iceland.

The Icelandic group
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