1st of October

Dear diary.

Today we (Icelanders) started our trip to Keflavík at 13:00 or at 1pm. Laufey and Hafdis dressed up like they were going on summer vacation and not to Norway, which is a cold country, we think, it probably is, ANYWAYS.

On the trip to Keflavík we spotted many sheepsand horses, like somebody come get their animals, it is almost winter. And we also spotted a car in a lake, somebody must be a bad driver, even I a 17 year old can drive better than tourists in Iceland.

Our bus changed drivers like 3 times, I guess they can’t handle our awesomeness. We stopped at KFC in Selfoss to finally get something to eat.

We’re also going the LONGER way to Keflavík, and it’s called the GRINDARVÍK WAY. Our final destination for the day is a hotel near the airport.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading.

XOXO Students from FAS and teachers. 

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