On the way to Norway

Tomorrow, a group of students from Iceland leaves for Norway, but they are participants in the project Geoheritage, culture and sustainable communities in rural areas in Finland, Iceland and Norway, which is sponsored by Nordplus Junior.

This is the third and last year of the project and we are working with selected global goals. Since the start of school, the group has been preparing for the trip and will present both the country and the nation as well as participate in project work related to global goal 14, which deals with life in water.

The group flies to Oslo on Sunday morning and where we meet our partner from Finland. From there, we have a long journey to Brønnøysund, but the group should be there by Sunday evening. The next week will then be used for various types of work. We look forward to visit our friends in Norway and spend next week together.

You can follow the group’s travels at https://geoheritage.fas.is/

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