March 31st

Today we started the day at the school, and the students spent the first hours finishing the posters and presentations. Some of them were a bit tired after playing football until midnight, but they all got the work done.

Before lunch we visited the Vatnajökull visitor centre in Höfn. That was a very interesting experience. First we got an overview of the history, geography and the work they do. After that they told us about the challenges connected to the melting glaciers. If the melting continues in the same speed as now, the glaciers will be gone in 100 years. If all the glaciers on Iceland melt the sea level will rise a couple of centimetres, but if all the land based ice in the world melt, the sea will rise about 60 to 70 meters.

After lunch the students presented their work, and all the teachers and representatives from the geoparks were impressed. They have made informative posters and all the students have contributed to the work. After the presentations we all evaluated the project, and we all agreed that we have learned a lot, about the different languages, cultural understanding, social experience and the global goal 8.

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