The journeys first steps

 We all met at our school, FAS just before 13:00. Everybody were really excited for the trip to come. It was raining in Höfn, it was cold and dark when we left. We followed the sun that disappeared behind the dark clouds and the bus driver drove for about two hours. After a short ride, […]

On the way to Vaala in Finland

This schoolyear is the second year in our project. Last year we were not able to travel because of COVID 19. According to the plan the first visit was to Iceland in September 2020 and to Norway in spring 2021. We worked instead together over the internet. It was a challenge for us all but […]

Publication in the EGN Newsletter

In the European Geopark Newsletter 19 Trollfjell UNESCO Global Geopark contributed with a short text about the second project week and a picture of the informative posters of global goal 12. You will find the text on page 8. How can Nordic youths in Iceland, Finland and Norway contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 12? Please […]

Global goal 12 poster exhibition

All the posters from week 15 is now exhibited at Brønnøysund upper secondary school. The posters and the exhibition look amazing! See for yourself.  

Week 15 in Iceland

Our plan to visit Norway in week 15 was not possible because of COVID-19. Instead we decided to work online like last autumn. The Icelandic group started the week with a visit to Djúpivogur, the next village east of Höfn which is about 100 km away. Since 2013 Djúpivogur is a part of the Cittaslow […]

The best poster

Five outstanding posters were presented last week and it was challenging to pick the best poster of the week. The winner is based on this criteria: A clear message Good use of colours A call to action Good use of fonts and font colour Good use of icons, symbols and figures to visualise the topic […]

Publication in the EGN Magazine 18

The publication of the EGN magazine, which is published once a year to all the European geoparks, detailing geotourism promotion provides another mode of publicity through its distribution to geotouristic enterprises as well as schools and universities. In the EGN Magazine number 18 Trollfjell UNESCO Global Geopark wrote about the first project week in Nordplus […]

Logo for the project

The first task this semester was to design a logo for the project. Due to COVID-19 there are different rules in the three countries and therefore it was decided that the students should work in groups in their home countries. Finland lead the groupwork for the competition. All schools got the same information in regards […]