Week 15 in Iceland

Our plan to visit Norway in week 15 was not possible because of COVID-19. Instead we decided to work online like last autumn.

The Icelandic group started the week with a visit to Djúpivogur, the next village east of Höfn which is about 100 km away. Since 2013 Djúpivogur is a part of the Cittaslow organisation. Cittaslow is an organisation founded in Italy 1999 and is inspired by the slow food movement. Cittaslow fits very well with Global Goal 12 which is about responsible consumption. In Djúpivogur we got a lecture about Cittaslow. We took a walk in the village and saw how they inhabitants introduce Cittaslow into their daily life. It was a good day and we gained a lot of information about the benefit of being a part of the Cittaslow organisation.

On Thuesday we “met” our partners online. We saw some films from Norway which we would have seen if we were able to be there. It was good to see a little bit from the Norway and how our partners in the project are living. Then we started the group work. Two students from each country worked together and the aim was to make a poster connected to Global Goal 12. This work went very good and on Thursday the groups introduced their work.

Allover  it was a good week and we can be happy about the success. Next autumn it is planned to meet in Vaala in Finland and hopefully that will  happen.



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