Food in Norway


One of Norway’s most intriguing foods to foreigners, is eaten daily by many Norwegian people for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. You either love it or hate it, there is nothing in between. Brunost translates to brown cheese. The texture is firm but soft. It tastes sweet and kind of like caramel.



Lutefisk is dried whitefish. It is made from aged stockfish, or dried and salted cod, pickled in lye. It is gelatinous in texture, after being rehydrated for days. Lutefisk is prepared as a seafood-dish of several Nordic countries. Lutefisk is often served with potatoes, bacon and “ertestuing”. “Ertestuing” is made of green peas, and translates to pea-stew.





Fårikål is the national dish of Norway. Fårikål consists of pieces of mutton with bone, cabbage, whole black pepper and salt. It is cooked for several hours in a casserole, traditionally served with cooked, unpeeled potatoes.



Written by Mariell and Ingeborg.