The Icelandic part of the Geoheritage group 2020.

Week 40 in Iceland

The last days in September (week 40) were a challenge for the Icelandic participants in the project. We were supposed to welcome our partners from Finland and Norway in Iceland. According to the application we wanted to visit selected places and work together in groups. Due to COVID-19 it is impossible to visit other countries […]

News from Norway

Now our pupils have evaluated the project and the project week. The pupils are very satisfied. Many of them have already made personal contact with students from the other countries, and they say that they have learned a lot about nature, geology and climate changes. After the school had ended today, 14 of the schools […]

The work so far on the project

Our application was accepted which is great news. Times are indeed a bit strange now because of COVID-19 and it is difficult to travel. The idea turned up to postpone the project, but all schools had already planned this project in the ongoing schoolyear. Therefore, we decided to go on, but we needed to change […]

Working on the application.

The application in the final steps

After the summer holidays the parties concerned in the three participating countries decided to apply for funding to Nordplus for preparatory visits to discuss and develop further project plans. The application was accepted and two representatives from Finland and two from Norway came to Iceland late in November to FAS to work on the application […]